Monday, September 27

Autumn Planters

I love fall! It's my favorite season.  I found this great idea online ( you have planters get more use out of them this fall by filling them with small pumpkins, dried corn, fall leaves, etc.... Capture the fall spirit!

Sunday, September 26

Landscape DIY, stone step and retaining wall...

Initially there was only dirt to the left of the deck (see below). We use the alley way along side the house enough that it got fairly annoying tracking through the dirt especially in rain.  I got a quote for fun and asked around about having a retaining wall and step was more then I would pay knowing we could handle this project. So off to home depot for the supplies, a little research and asking around, the project was underway...

Landscape fabric was laid to prevent weeds from peeking up through the stones, rocks were laid as an under bedding and careful attention to leveling was taken.  We had a lamp post from years back that made a classic addition to the project.  The practical side of it was we needed a light in that area of the backyard.  After...

Wednesday, September 22

Buy Local Think Global

By buying local food that is grown close to home all year round not only are you supporting local farmers but it feels great knowing where the food is coming from and the farming methods being used.

Your food will be fresher, more nutritious and and you will be contributing to a healthier economy as less fossil fuels will be used to transport items long distances. By buying local you'll pay for freshness and taste, NOT packaging, refrigeration, and transportation!

Although I have a small urban garden its only seasonal and I am limited by size so I joined the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Taproot Farms, here in Nova Scotia.  In a CSA, shareholders purchase annual shares in exchange for weekly boxes of seasonal produce.  To sign up or find out more, visit TapRoot Farms / CSA or email Patricia at

By buying local food you are supporting local jobs for local people!

Check out the goodies from my dads garden and grapes off his grapevine from this past weekend! Only a few of the many vegetables and fruits grown here on the east coast...

Friday, September 10

Thrifty chair redo's

STEAL of a deal.

This chair cost me $5 at my fav Antique store in Halifax - Almanac Antiques. (Watch for an upcoming post on it) The chairs arms were loose so I removed them and painted the chair white. (Sorry I don't have the true Before pic of the chair un-painted!)

Next I re-upholstered the cushion.  To do this I re-used an exisiting cushion I had and purchased a small amount of material to do the trick. Staple gun is all you really need.

After...freshly painted shabby chic chair with a clean new upholstered seat..

Before...Here are my dining room chairs. Also purchased from an antique store in downtown Halifax. I got each for $60, solid wood and immaculate shape!

After removing the seats I spray painted the chairs heirloom white...


Below is another antique store find for $10. Only change I made was re-upholstering the seat cover.

Cheers to re-using friends!

Sunday, September 5

Urban Gardening

More people in cities and towns all around are growing their own vegetables/fruit..and doing it organically. Here is my lil garden in late May...I planted tomatoes, parsley, green pepper, beans (yellow and green), sweet potato, zucchini and pumpkin.

So far I've harvested beans, parsley, zucchini and tomatoes. I don't think I will get any pumpkins, they are flowering and then dying, any suggestions please let me know!


Living downtown with a water bill I've opted to install a rain barrel to water my lasts me between 4-5 days watering this small garden and keeps my water bill down. But beware of under-estimating the weight of the barrel...

Thursday, September 2

Painted Chandeliers

A "just paint" is my sisters living room in her beautiful heritage home. Loving the painted "hierloom white" chandelier and sconce against the dark brown, so classy!

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