Wednesday, September 22

Buy Local Think Global

By buying local food that is grown close to home all year round not only are you supporting local farmers but it feels great knowing where the food is coming from and the farming methods being used.

Your food will be fresher, more nutritious and and you will be contributing to a healthier economy as less fossil fuels will be used to transport items long distances. By buying local you'll pay for freshness and taste, NOT packaging, refrigeration, and transportation!

Although I have a small urban garden its only seasonal and I am limited by size so I joined the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Taproot Farms, here in Nova Scotia.  In a CSA, shareholders purchase annual shares in exchange for weekly boxes of seasonal produce.  To sign up or find out more, visit TapRoot Farms / CSA or email Patricia at

By buying local food you are supporting local jobs for local people!

Check out the goodies from my dads garden and grapes off his grapevine from this past weekend! Only a few of the many vegetables and fruits grown here on the east coast...

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