Thursday, October 14

Gardening in a Raised Bed

Near my home there is a hill that I take my dogs to every morning for a run. And in one section at the hill there is a bunch of raised garden beds, all of which people rent to grow their own vegetables. I think those in particular are intended for those without a yard.  I also read about people renting out plots in their yards for others to grow vegetables...or maybe you can do a trade off...fresh produce for space! Anyways I decided that making a raised bed is going to 'A' keep curious noses out of my garden and 'B' make gardening easier. 

Good thing I kept my left over cedar scraps from the deck project in the spring. I built a basic bed, just went at it with a hand saw, a drill and my helpful partner Berlin...who actually swayed a confused bumble bee my way which stung the back of my leg :) :)

Right before the bee sting (which by the way is over rated)

After the harvest...

This week I harvested the last of my tomatoes, parsley and sweet potatoes...which by the way were so tiny almost not worth eating :(   I've experimented with a few vegetables and now have a better idea of what I will start in the spring.  I've pulled out the remainder of the crops and layed down a liner.  I will add compost matter and leaves late in the fall.  Then come spring it will be filled with organic soil.  The cedar is excellent for this project as its rot-resistant and natural.


Goodbye lil' garden, I’ll miss the daily fresh produce pickings...but thanks to you my freezer is stocked for the winter months to come :)

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