Sunday, November 7

Window Talk

The windows in my house were single pane, over 25 years old, had warped wooden frames and drafts were flowing through. The exterior trim was getting soft and in some places needed to be replaced.  This was no DIY, there are some things best left to the professionals.  Here is a Before of the old wood windows with wood exterior trim.

During the install....

Notice below the slight difference in glass size on the bottom windows. The left window is the new one.

We now have energy-efficient windows with exterior azek trim.  This trim is guaranteed for 25 years, comes in white LOOKS like wood and never needs to be painted! They even rip it like wood as its just as thick.  The Windows were installed with new casings, proper insulation and larger sills. (Which my cats are loving.)
My only beef with this project was my lack of knowledge - and the companies lack of communications around going from the old wood windows to vinyl. You lose glass and there is nothing that can be done. I lost almost 2 inches in glass on the width of the top pane (double hung) and nearly one inch in length. Seems minor but its noticeable when comparing side by side. As a home owner I hate the thought of losing natural light!   The company told me I had an extreme attention to detail...that's bull, I think most would notice.  Going forward they will be sure to mention this in their I am told.  With all new things come changes and learning experiences.

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