Thursday, December 30

Kitchens and Character

Kitchens have been on my mind lately, in particular mine.  I've been on the hunt for ideas to start planning my kitchen makeover.  I have a 80's style galley kitchen now which I plan on gutting but I am still limited to a small space.  Over the holidays I was at my grammie's in Miramichi.  Her kitchen cabinets are going to be my inspiration or starting point for my makeover.  The cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, with glass fronts, they speak character and two favorites about houses.

This kitchen has been lived in. It was my great grandparent's house and then passed onto my grandparent's.  The entire house is filled with character from huge baseboards to original wainscotting in most of the sitting rooms, plaster walls, exquisite solid wood exterior doors, original hardwood floors...It's truly fantastic holding many memories.  The craftsmanship is just not there in many of today's new homes.

I thought I would post some pics of kitchens I admire to help get my planning started even though it will most likely be a year away project...a girl's gotta dream!!

I love hardwood in a kitchen...its very English and Canadian to me...I wouldn't do it any other way. 

A butcher block style counter top, or black slate would do.  Personally I am not a fan of the traditional "stone" looking granite you find many people "ouu-ing" over - I find it dated and just so bland! Although I would settle for a white granite although there are many eco-friendly stones out there that look better than granite.

As you can see I like white kitchens.  I can't help but LOVE the vintage stove below.  I can't believe this really's candy to my eyes, a vintage inspired space along with a contemporary feel.

The aged ceiling beams make this space. Although the floor doesn't appeal to me.

Creamy white cabinets with wood counter tops...I'd love to wake up in the morning and make a cup of tea in this kitchen!!

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