Tuesday, January 25

Frame Obsession

In all sizes and shapes, colors and styles, I can't get enough of them.  I prefer solid wood frames and I don't like buying new ones if I can help it.  Many of us have that lonely stack of mismatched frames wondering what we'll do with them.  A coat of glossy paint can turn those frames into an artsy display. 

I've acquired a pile of fantastic old character frames at Almanac Antiques on Isleville St in the North end of Halifax.  It's packed to the ceiling with antiques and there is no shortage of frames.  

Creating a grouping of frames on a wall will serve your decor taste and become a talking piece of your home.

I love the display above but I am thinking of empty frames on the wall going up my staircase.  Most of the frames I find don't have the glass intact so replacing them could get costly.  Below they've unified their frames in a few shades to coordinate with the room.  This is a very simple DIY and pocket-book friendly!

Here are some frames in my den:

DIY framing made easy - I set 2 frames inside one another...I used the second frame as a mat and then added a real mat plus my photo.  (Grandparents pics!)

Instead of leaving the following frames empty I put a foam board backing on them and painted it the same color as the frame.

My favorite style frame is the classic chunky baroque..and antique at that!  Funny how they always seem to be painted goldI am yet to paint this one...the detailing is beautiful!!

Watch for frames curbside.  My friend Karyn found a pile of picture frames on Quinpool.  The frame shop had put the frames to the side of the road.  Score! Solid wood frames, big ones...it's a shame I didn't take the before pics.
I ended up with 3 fairly large dated painted frames...all solid wood :) So I took on a DIY art project. The idea came upon me while strolling deSerres art store.  In the clearance bin I found decor decals, normally used on walls (which I love by the way), you cut 'em out and stick 'em on. I applied the decals to foam board cut to size to fit inside the frames:

I painted both of the frames white and added my custom art work. Soon to be hung!

Below are inspirations of how people are using frame art in their homes.

Inspired by Pottery Barn

Framed Art Collage

To fill your frames try black and white prints, artwork looks great,unique advertisements cut out, funky images, etc.  Be creative, draw your own DIY artwork.  Re-use old paint, change it up and have a blast!

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  1. i love art collages, cant wait to see what you come up with.


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