Monday, April 25

Archway Project Completion and Living/Dining Updates

What is your design style?

Mine is traditional.  I enjoy classical well-organized spaces and prefer homes with stately architectural moldings and handsome wood floors. I am attracted to rooms that hint at the past with intricate or opulent hardware, mirrors and lighting.  I have a love for craftsmanship. Palette-wise, I appreciate a black and white mix with soft-spoken whites and deep, heritage-inspired hues.

Before Living Room

After Living Room

Before Dining Room

After Dining Room

-Archway Project (Click here to see post) - I had Sandy White from High Tide Designs help me with this project.
-Painted the walls a shade of white and touched up the matte crown moulding with a glossy white.
-Painted the accent walls around the fireplace turquoise.
-New crisp white curtains. I purchased the material at fabricville and sewed them myself.
-Frame DIY...all the frames you see are recycled, re-used or a great deal from an antique store.  The photos in them are prints I had around the house, magazine ads or printed from my color printer.
-Accessories - I already had most of it. I did buy one new lamp.
-The large prints around the fireplace are framing DIY projects.


Sunday, April 24

Boulevard of Greens

With spring upon us I've started researching shrub options for the front of my house. I need hearty shrubs around my front door. I am literally on the street so they need to be tough. The shrubs will be exposed to wear-and-tear, salt and the unpredictable south end students wondering home late from the bars...use your imagination ;)

From what I’ve read the best shrubs only require yearly trimming and can tolerate man-made conditions.
Right now I’ve got two dense yews, a few hostas and lilies. But I’m looking for shade-loving height trees or shrubs....any suggestions??  I have tried cedars and junipers but they didn't make the cut.

Early last fall my dear friend Jacquie offered up a bunch of hostas and lilies she no longer had any need for.  I welcomed them home to the boulevard in front of my house.  I love the look of a green boulevard!  And bonus...the soil was free too.

Before...a lonely boulevard. This is a 2009's the only pic I could find that wasn't recent.

After....a green boulevard!

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