Sunday, April 24

Boulevard of Greens

With spring upon us I've started researching shrub options for the front of my house. I need hearty shrubs around my front door. I am literally on the street so they need to be tough. The shrubs will be exposed to wear-and-tear, salt and the unpredictable south end students wondering home late from the bars...use your imagination ;)

From what I’ve read the best shrubs only require yearly trimming and can tolerate man-made conditions.
Right now I’ve got two dense yews, a few hostas and lilies. But I’m looking for shade-loving height trees or shrubs....any suggestions??  I have tried cedars and junipers but they didn't make the cut.

Early last fall my dear friend Jacquie offered up a bunch of hostas and lilies she no longer had any need for.  I welcomed them home to the boulevard in front of my house.  I love the look of a green boulevard!  And bonus...the soil was free too.

Before...a lonely boulevard. This is a 2009's the only pic I could find that wasn't recent.

After....a green boulevard!

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