Monday, May 30

the gardens a go

My garden has been quite content over the past few days given the sun we've finally seen.  I had already started my broccoli, parsley, greens and sowed my beans a few weeks back.  The beans were reaching up for the sun today...

Despite all the rain my plants are in full swing. I am going to devote this week getting all my outdoor blog posts completed.  I have some posts coming up on hostas, annuals, my garden in full view and I've asked my mom - The Queen Gardener who knows ALL about plants - to write up a nice how-to for any beginner green thumb wannabes :)  So stay tuned!

My garbage, compost and rain barrel system wasn't working for me - the bins were sitting on earth and being the neat freak I am it was time for a tidy-up. The claustrophobic feeling lattice laying up against my deck had to go.

I laid down pavers from last years stone step DIY to tidy up the area. 

Now my bins with wheels are easily movable .  No more pulling them out of the wet earth after its rained for three weeks straight in Halifax.

Watch for more landscaping posts this week!

1 comment:

  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    oh good idea i could use those stones under my bins


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