Monday, June 6

annuals and perennials

A one season splash of color, annuals continuously bloom until the fall frost hits. I purchased two of these black velvet and white baskets on sale for $5 at superstore.  Purchased in rough shape, with a little TLC they've come back from drab to fab.  Annuals are labor intensive so I limit myself to just a few large displays.  If you have hanging baskets they need to be regularly dead headed and watered - too many times do I witness hanging baskets filled with dried out dead plants.  We buy them for the curb appeal so they deserve our attention!

A permanent addition to the garden, perennials may be more costly but grow and spread for years.  Perennials can add low maintenance interest to your outdoor space.  Besides my urban vegetable garden I like to fill in as much space around my home as I can with beautiful plants, some edible, others not.

My last post was my mom giving us the dirt on planting.  I generally stick to the hearty perennials that she suggested.  Hosta's are my best friends,  maintenance free and survive the shade provided by the monstrous maples around my house (It’s a love-hate relationship).

Climbing hydrangeas are my favorite.  I have two huge ones in front of my deck, I will post pictures later on in the season when they bloom.

Rhododendrons seem to be a NS favorite although known to be a bit fussy I’ve had no issues. 

With any bedding plants do your research to know what will be suitable to your site.  Garden center plants will have tags telling exposure, soil and type of environment needed.  Here are two of my moms most trusted resources, Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites and Trees and Shrubs - great reference books.

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