Thursday, June 2

the dirt on planting

My mama taught me many things in life, one being how to use my green thumb.  All of the photos in this post are of her flower beds. I asked her to write a blog post with the basics of planting, and here is her story:

To start planting in the ground you’ll need the basic tools: 

Round mouth shovel
Kneeling pad
A small flat rake
And of course gloves to make it easy on the hands

Never plant in the heat of the day; it can be too stressful for the plant.     

Start by digging the hole the depth of the plant and wide enough to put some new soil in around the plant.  Bonemeal is a must as it aids in good root development which is crucial to a plants survival.     

Planting:  In the hole throw in some bonemeal. Fill the hole with water and add the plant, fill in with good soil, sometimes I add peat moss, any additive is beneficial.     

Now that you got the planting done, DON’T forget to water frequently the first growing season, until your plant is well on its way.  A mistake a lot of people make is they don't water and I mean a deep watering, not just the surface.  A plant is a living thing and like you it needs water and food to survive.  

To keep your flower beds looking neat and tidy you’ll want to cover over the weeds.  Use newspapers.  Lay them down, thicker the better and overlap well, then to hide the paper throw some mulch on top, works great. The paper will eventually break down, won’t hurt the earth, controls the weeds and believe me is cheaper and easier than that landscape fabric.

Hearty perennials that have worked for me:   

Daylily( Stella d'ora)  
Brown Eyed Susan's 
Cransbill Geranium 
Bleeding Hearts 

Mass plantings always look impressive, and are so much easier.  I also like to edge my perennial beds, keeps the grass out and looks so much neater, you can buy an edger, they are easy to use. 

Thanks to my beautiful mother for contributing this post!


  1. I have always been so impressed with your mom's gardens. They never fail to look absolutely amazing!! Someday I just might get the drive to try to develop a green thumb :)

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    This is just amazing. Thank you for the wonderful pics!


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