Tuesday, June 21

Window Frame Coat Rack DIY

Making a DIY coat rack is relatively simple.  I had this old window frame that I salvaged from my Grandparents general store before it was torn down.

You will need hooks, you can find them at a hardware store.  I've seen the black fancy hooks at the dollarama.  I had these hooks in the "better save these just in case" pile in my basement.

Position the hooks at least 6-8 inches apart to give adequate space between the various apparel.

 There you have it, a DIY coat rack = FREE.


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    I LOVE it!
    Have done something similar myself but I attached mirror to the back - the reflection gave light to the room and made it feel bigger!


  2. That coat rack looks more traditional, holds multiple coats at a time, doesn't tip over and keep everything condensed. Perfect piece to have it to hangover your coats.

  3. What a cool coat rack that you have made:) Have fun

  4. I love the coatrack. I have an old 6 pain window that was savaged so long ago, I can't remember where it came from. It was in the garage until recently, and I was going to hang it from the ceiling over my breakfast bare, and put silk vines, and maybe a terracotta pot laying on it's side. I actually saw a complete French door hung from the ceiling in and the owner of the store had put the vines and pots on that. It was a rough white door. My window fram is too. I will make a coat rack now after seeing this.

  5. I have an old window frame, and was getting ready to hang it from the ceiling in my kitchen, over breakfast bar, and have silk vines and an old terracotta pot. my Window is white, but rough, and will look great as a coat rack.


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