Sunday, July 31

hanging it all on the line

My sister and I
Letting nature dry your clothing has many benefits.  Cutting back on dryer use saves energy and it's also great for the environment.  In many parts of North America the decline in clothesline use has soared since the popular electric dryer was introduced and a more unfortunate decline is due to communities of new developments restricting clothlines.  People have convinced themselves that they are unsightly and can decrease property values.  Yes shocking but true.

The fresh aroma of clothes hung out on the line beats the perfumed anti-static sheets tossed in the dryer any day. Did you know many of anti-staic sheets contain chemicals?  That can't be healthy for our skin.  I've also been told that hanging your clothes will increase their life span as the dryer wears them down quicker.

When I moved into my house years ago I installed a clothesline in my backyard quite easily.  I purchased the clothesline kit for less then $15 at Rona.  Following the instructions it might have taken 15 minutes start to finish.  As you can see below I attached one end to my deck and the other to my maple tree. I hung it quite high so it didn't interfere with the BBQ or raised garden.

I pre-drilled a small hole to screw this hook into a post on the deck:

I did the same for the other end on the maple tree.  I had to use a ladder to achieve the proper height.

With concerns of global warming increasing and the need to be more green clotheslines are making a comeback!

There are some parts of Halifax and many other places that have by-laws around clotheslines.  I think this is completely ridiculous - what has this world come to if you have taken the effort to prevent someone from letting the sun dry their clothes?  If you live in one of these areas I encourage you to challenge this law by contacting your local MP, getting neighbors involved, reaching out to locals, etc.  Ontario has already announced the end to current restrictions on permitting use of outdoor clotheslines. 

Lucky for me my neighbors all have them, some hang their clothes out year round!  If you live in an apartment or condo and are lacking the backyard space,  you can rig up a line on your deck to dry your clothes.

Clothes racks are another great option.  I have one in my basement and use it year round. Hanging clothes out either on the line or on the clothes rack in front of the wood stove brings me back to my childhood.  We rarely used the dryer.  However if your like me and share your house with furry friends the laundry might benefit from a few mintues in the dryer after the clothesline has done its job.  This way you remove the unwanted hair and have still lowered your carbon emissions!

Hanging it all out on the line gives you an excuse to be more active and take in some fresh air too.


  1. thanks for the idea. your right, its so simple to hang clothing. i think laziness has gotten to many of us. i'm hooking mine up this weekend!

  2. I hung a rope from the rail of my apartment balcony to a hook. Works great. Good post!


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