Sunday, November 20

Pot Rack DIY

A one of a kind creation all began with a shopping cart being left in this DIY'ers driveway.  Here is Dennis' story...

Hi I’m Dennis.  I live in the Uptown area of Saint John NB.  I’m an avid Do-It-Your-Selfer.   My wife Janet and I own a house that is old.  120 years old to be specific.  We love it.  It Suits our lifestyle very nicely and we have a huge backyard which is unheard of in our area.   We’re blessed!
Recently we redid our kitchen.  The idea came about this way.  Someone had left their shopping cart that they “borrowed” from an uptown store one too many times in my driveway.  Being handy with a SawZ-all and an angle grinder, I thought that it would make a great pot rack.
Here’s the shiny candidate before:

Here’s is the grid that I cut out of the bottom of the shopping cart, being dry fitted in the Maple and Mahogany frame.  The frame was from a set of wooden bed rails that I found on the side of the road in the city’s annual cleanup week.  The mahogany was given to me by a friend that dismantled an antique Pump Organ from a church.   The shiny silver bar is from a microphone stand that was no longer working.

And here is the almost finished pot rack...

Next, we taped off all of the chrome and metal, chose an ebony stain and Jan expertly applied it...
And a view from below...

The dark stained maple looks nice against the mahogany.  Hanging are the stainless steel pots, grater, measuring cups and mounting hooks shining nicely.  It was a simple fun project that is a nice conversation piece in our kitchen and we use it everyday!

A similar (19” deep x 24” wide x 4” tall) pot rack at a local kitchenware store is approximately $300 give or take!!

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