Sunday, March 20

Kitchen Remodel, Kids Room DIY and the Ever-Clever Closet

Below is my Aunt Val's kitchen DIY. Sorry; no before pictures, but basically here is what went down:  old traditional wood cabinets (25+ years old) in need of a major face lift, dated counter tops and dated flooring.  Kitchen cabinets were all painted creamy white, crown moulding was added along the tops, a couple of the cabinet door fronts were replaced with glass, new light fixtures, new flooring, new counter tops and paint.  Sounds like a lot, but by re-using the kitchen cabinets and updating them with paint my Aunt Val saved thousands of dollars.  The kitchen feels light, airy, relaxing and brand new!  It's a bright and cozy space that she truly enjoys being in.

The next space I wanted to show you is the grand children's bedroom.  A classic, simple DIY that's kid friendly.  The room was painted taupe, with rich brown window draperies that were also used behind the bed on both sides.  A recycled chandelier was added (my favourite!! I think every room deserves a chandelier) and two crisp white end tables with shelving at the bottom to host the kids reading books and other knick knacks.  The black and white accessories give the room a traditional pulled-together feel.  A fun animal print comforter adds a punch of color to the's really the sweetest kids room I've seen in a while.

The ever-clever closet!  Below is my Aunt Val's closet space in her bedroom.  She has a fairly large bedroom, enough that she was able to put up a wall where the existing closet shelves were, to create a walk-in closet.  Take notice below that the wall doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.  She designed it to leave a gap for the natural light from the closet window to spill over the top into the bedroom.  The French door also provides natural light with a privacy screen...great if used as a dressing room or maybe to hide any clutter :)


 Lastly, recycle-cycle as I'd call it.  Below, is left-over Christmas garland cut up and hung in the living room window.  You can leave it up year round.  Looks great!  I thought this idea was worth sharing!

Wednesday, March 9

Kitchen Cabinets DIY

If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. ~Vincent van Gogh

Create a lighter and brighter kitchen by painting dated kitchen cabinets.  It's the quickest and most economical way to give your kitchen a total makeover that you will be able to enjoy.

Today I am showcasing my friend Andrew's DIY.  He did this on a strict budget, and as you'll see, putting in a little sweat and painting can take your living space from drab to fab!    

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

This kitchen is not even close to being noticeably the same kitchen.  As for the painted cabinets, the proof is in the pudding, my fellow DIY'ers.  This project was completed in the summer so they were able to paint outside. A roller sponge was used to give a smooth finish along with melamine paint.

Here is the loveable Mr. Digby showing his new kitchen floor...

What did it take to transform this kitchen? Paint and new tile floor.  Flooring was purchased at Kent's for $2.75 per square foot. 

Onto the dining room...

Plates are meant to be eaten off, or are they? The famous plate hanging scene (as once seen in my grandmother's kitchen) can actually be carried out quite elegantly. At the end of my post I'll show you some examples.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Paint and chair rail were used to transform the dining room.

Lastly, Living Room Before

Living Room After 
Living Room Before
Living Room After

Only paint was required for the living room make over.

Thanks Andrew for sharing!

Now I will leave you with the fabulous art of hanging plates...
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