Thursday, December 27

A very merry 2012

With the new year fast approaching I'm looking forward to the changes life always brings.  2012 was amazing all of course because my son Asher was born.  I not only learned more then I'd ever imagine but I also got the exciting news of my victory at the court of appeal a week before my due date :)  In the design world I took on a lot of projects, and really came into my style.  I'm now prepping and planning a new build, designing the house from scratch, kitchens, bathrooms, every inch.  Here are a few shots of my 2012 holiday décor.  I'm less traditional when it comes to decorating, I like to incorporate a little this and a little that into my already existing décor.  It's all about using what you have in the DIY world...and recycling in my world!

Our little tree, about 4 feet to be exact...

Notice my tree topper?  It's a starfish from Mahone Bay.  Our tree was a mix of left over holiday decor from previous years and knick knacks from around the house.

Simple table centerpieces consisting of acorns and using holiday decor in unconventional ways is what it's all about...and a really cute babe in the background watching his mama take snapshots!

A fun not so traditional fireplace mantel.  The images in the frames were found online and printed.  I love changing out my artwork so being able to print it works best for me.

One of my fav finds this year at the Sally Anne were these tinted glass vases, a big hit in the design world this year for only $2 each!

~ Best wishes for 2013 ~

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"Snow capped roof at the Three Islands Camp"

Tuesday, October 23

The Station Chair By Trunk Studio

Inspired by the Canadian wilderness. Made of solid walnut and birch, may I introduce you to The Station Chair. 

Designer and local Haligonian Jess Tasker is bringing her designs to the world via her furniture firm Trunk Studio. 

Trunk Studio blends the clean lines of the Danish Modern furniture tradition with a new Canadian aesthetic. Designer Jess Tasker works with Nova Scotian woodshops to ensure her designs transition seamlessly from paper to their functional form.

Upholstered in MacAusland’s 100% Virgin Wool from Prince Edward Island, and also available in the Kvadrat Hallingdal range of fabrics. These wool based fabrics evoke the familiar Canadian feel of a warm blanket on a cold night. The chair is available in Walnut, Birch and a mixture of Birch & Walnut.

What I love about The Station Chair is the craftsmanship and the fact you can personalize this chair by selecting your wood and fabric!  Check out Trunk Studio online!

Sunday, October 14

DIY: Rope clothes hanger

Ever live in a really old home with little to no closet space?  I do and so welcome to my 160 year old home!  Only two of the three bedrooms have closets.  Running out of room in my sons two drawer dresser, I decided to create a clothes hanging rope in his bedroom.

I've been planning this DIY project for some time.  There is something very satisfying about making the most of what we have, so this project cost me zero dollars!  I went from wall to wall with the rope, attached it on each end to hooks screwed into anchors.  Depending on the size of the room you can also hang rope from the ceiling attached to a rod.  This room is very small in our case.

Here are some more great DIY ideas I've found over time!


Sunday, September 30

Stencils vs. wallpaper

Browsing on Houzz I came across this photo of a beautiful Ginkgo Motif! I am going to try my next DIY using a Ginkgo stencil on a wall similar to the one below...

Wallpaper can get pretty pricey but stenciling only requires paint and the stencil.  The above stencil retails at $35.  This seems genius, no messy wallpaper to remove when you get tired of the design and you can get creative while your at it.

Here is the link to an excellent stencil site.

More pretty stencils...

Happy Sunday!

Monday, August 13

Veggies and Critters

Living downtown has it's challenges when it comes to space however we still manage to grow our own veg and there is no shortage of critters running around teasing my dogs!

Topsy turvy's are great making use of vertical space. I planted cherry tomatoes in them...

Ready in early August, it's been a great summer for veggies!

Last summer my friend Jacquie gave me a few poppy seeds.  She told me to just spread them over the soil and they will grow up on their own.  I literally did just that and we now have random poppy's popping up all over the garden! 

Wednesday, July 25

DIY: Painted Stools

This DIY makeover consisted of a previously loved set of stools and a couple cans of spray paint.

I found these wooden stools on Kijiji for $50. At $25 each you can't go wrong!

Here they are before:

I applied two coats of spray paint to each chair.  After, a bright and fun end result, painting furniture is an easy way to bring color into your space!

Tuesday, June 19

Project Nursery Complete

The nursery has been completed for a few weeks now, I'm just a little late writing the post. Here it is, a vivid, fresh, and budget-friendly nursery.

Armed with a few thrifty finds, inexpensive framing techniques and DIY doings, this nursery is mind stimulating for baby to enjoy.

Asher's room was fairly plain so Gerald and I installed the chair rail molding to give it detail.  I painted all the walls white on white and the ceiling down to the chair rail french white by Benjamin Moore.  I made the drapes for a previous project but were not in use anymore so they found a new home.

The crib was a great find.  I wanted either a very modern white crib with black detailing or a detailed wooden crib, just this color, and that's what I found! I made the crib skirt.

Above the crib are colorful art prints. I purchased six white frames and printed the free art.

 A fireplace mantel was used for a wall shelf.  Here you can view the DIY mantel shelf project.

The wooden frames below were thrift finds, the lamp and other accessories I already had or were gifts.  Inside the wooden frames are more images I found online and printed.

I used a vintage suitcase to put Asher's books in...

The rocking chair was an easy DIY upholstery project.

And a little big bird chair for Asher...

Another DIY project was transforming this antique dresser into a bright fun piece. See the  dresser makeover here.

The baskets above are change stations I setup, one for each floor of the house.  The lamp was a thrift find. I painted the base yellow and reupholstered the shade with white fabric and black satin ribbon. 

I wanted an all white nursery with punches of color.  Many of the items I already had like the striped rug, big bird chair and wooden animal carvings from our travels.  I have a small obsession for owls so you'll see lots of them in the room. I tied in Asher's heritage with a printed native prayer, Glooscap images and storybooks and sweet grass.

Here is what I spent:

Molding $25
Paint $90
Kijiji Crib $40
Kijiji Dresser $50
Owl Knobs $20
Kijiji Rocker $30
Thrift lamp - $6
Picture frames 6 @ $2 each = $12
Printed poem $8

That's it for the nursery, it was a fun room to tackle, my first baby/kids project!

Saturday, May 26

The Free Art Project

Happy Friday! Feed your soul with the free art project.  I came across this great website where artists have provided their artwork for personal use only.  So print out your fav images and display them in some awesome frames around your home for an instant update! Bliss.

Saturday, May 19

Make a Manzanita Jewelry Tree

A few weekends ago I found this manzanita tree at homesense.  It's rare to find these locally, only place I've seen them is in floral shops and they charge an arm and a leg for them, yes for just 1 branch I've seen them ask $80-$100...ouch!  This one was only $20.  Some might say she is crazy for paying for a tree branch but it's not just a tree branch, its super durable and actually hard to break off the twigs.  Plus it paints extremely well if need be.  Google Manzanita if you need :)

Seen as wedding or table top center pieces I decided to use mine as a jewelry tree.  My necklaces are always a tangled mess and I don't have space for the big boxy jewelry holders.  (Plus I love a pretty DIY project!)

Here is the manzanita, laying on my basement floor.

For the base I used a stone flower pot that I had lying around. 

I mixed up a couple batches of plaster of paris and filled the pot a 1/2" from the top.

Then all you do is position the tree in the pot and prop it against a wall to let it set.  You might have to tie a string around the tree and another object while the plaster is curing to hold it in the right place.

There you have it, a manzanita jewelry tree!

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