Thursday, January 5

Clear the Clutter

We all end up with untidy piles of stuff from time to time, junk drawers and closets or rooms where we throw "everything else". Just like my mom, clutter drives me batty.

 There are ways to tackle clutter and keep on top of it. You won't walk into my home and find everything perfectly organized but I do my best to keep most things in their places. Some ideas to keep you clutter free into the new year are:

~ Have a home for everything. I have a container for nails, one for screws, etc. On the back of my basement door I have a hanging organizer (normally used for travelling to hold toiletries)  - it has 6 compartments, one for rubber bands, one for batteries, another for picture hanging hardware, etc. By creating a place for everything you won't be digging in your drawers for these items.

~ Organize your junk drawer with small baskets (found at dollar store). Keep all your pens/pencils together, scissors and tapes in another, etc.

~ Get rid of all your expired products (hair, makeup) and anything you haven't used in the past year such as hair clips.

~ Designate a basket for all the remotes, phone chargers, and other electronics you find laying all over the place.

~ Dontate clothing you haven't worn in over a year.  Throw out socks with holes.

~ Create a donation station. I have a basket in my basement that I whiff all my good will items into.

If you are short on time, create a calendar and write down specific de-cluttering tasks you are going to do on certain days. The tasks are so easy you can break them down into less then 10 minute activities. (For those of you that hate cleaning!) 

Taking a methodical approach helps you stay on top of organization.  Now all you have to do is maintain, maintain, maintain. Put things back where they belong so you can keep calm and carry on.

Here are some organization ideas I found online...

Basement organization station

A teeny closet transformed

Drawer Organizers

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  1. Great tips! One thing I do is fix my holes in socks (if they are reasonably small and on the toes). A needle and thread and some down time in front of the TV and before you know it, you have recycled a pair!


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