Wednesday, January 11

DIY Chandelier Update

A few weekends ago I found this lovely glass milk shade chandelier at a thrift store.   I'm not sure what the style is or how old it would be, I couldn't find much online.  If you know or have any ideas please share!   For $24.99 I found my kitchen chandelier that needed a DIY'ers touch.  My goal was to have a chandelier in the kitchen opposed to standard track lighting and yes, I hung it up high!  How daring eh?  It suits the space well and wouldn't look right hanging low.  My kitchen is tiny so there are no shadows created when the fixture is on.  In a larger kitchen you might need pot lighting along with a chandelier to prevent shadows.  Cheers to re-using friends!



  1. LOve it and all your ideas !!

  2. Kelty that is gorgeous!!!!!



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