Sunday, January 1

Vintage Lighting

I've been searching the net and a few lighting stores here in Halifax for pendant lighting to go above my kitchen island.  And I checked out a few lighting stores on a recent trip to Toronto.  No luck, just couldn't find that unique piece that was set aside from all others.  I really like Yoke Pendant lighting but prefer a vintage aged touch and most of what you find comes in either bronze, gold or silver and looks brand new.

A seller on Ebay came through and had a vintage pendant light that caught my eye so I ordered 2 of these beauties:

Junkyard Lighting

It's a simply modern vintage pendant light.  An industrial look with a vintage style socket with on/off paddle key and vintage style cloth cord. When ordering you can customize the cord length and color of rope plus it comes with the vintage style Edison squirrel cage bulbs! 

I've got two of these installed over my kitchen island and they look fabulous.  The bulbs themselves are gorgeous.  I still have a bit of drywall to complete and a little painting then my kitchen makeover reveal will be posted and you will see these lights in action.  Check out the sellers website, lots of unique lighting finds:

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  1. cool! i love all the other lights they have


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