Wednesday, February 29

Hiding the TV in style

When it comes to designing a space I can say the one thing that I hear most people say gets in the way is the TV.  They are ugly.  Many might disagree. We tend to find them stuck in peoples living rooms sometimes hung over a fireplace (eek!)  In my house I do have a TV on the wall, it's a flat screen and all the wires are inside the wall with no equipment in site.  (Lucky to have a partner with an interest in electronics who has setup a wireless and radio UHF remote receiver in the basement...blah blah)  We control our TV with our iphones.  Yes we both come from IT backgrounds, go figure.

From making the TV blend in to creating a decorative vignette around it, here are some ideas when it comes to decor and the TV.


Like many Europeans, Iris has chosen a relatively inconspicuous TV. "I don't think televisions are very pretty, but I kind of like this white one. I don't want it to be a central focus in the living room, but from the couch you can see it perfectly," says Iris.

How do you display your TV?

Sunday, February 26

DIY Fabric Roller Shade

During my Sunday afternoon cleaning session I decided it was time to make use of the fabric I recently picked up on sale.  I had a vinyl roller shade for the kitchen window that needed TLC.

Supplies needed: Roller shade (measure and tear from sears), fabric, fabric glue, measuring tape and scissors.  The fabric was actually a large rectangle tablecloth on sale for $15.  When you think fabric it can be anything from sheets to an old sweater that no longer fits but your in love with the pattern.

I cut my fabric to size leaving a 1" overlap on each side and pressed it with an iron.  Next I layed the fabric out on the roller shade and folded over the edges only applying fabric glue to the backside underneath the 1" folds.

After it was all done I let it dry a couple hours before rolling it back up.  Here is the after!

With the left over fabric I decided to make a pillow cover.  I love switching out pillows and accessories in my living room and this fabric goes great with my current colors.

I sew zippers to my pillow covers so they can be easily washed and swapped for the new ones.  Waste not want not! Here is my DIY pillow cover.

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 19

So your style is?

What's your design style?  Modern, contemporary, traditional, country?  Over the years I've discovered my true taste. It's eclectic.  I love mixing modern and vintage pieces.  I was reading the weekly email that I receive and got super excited about their recent post, 'So Your Style Is: Eclectic'. ( Ideabook on Eclectic ) If you have eclectic style, you can agree that........
  • you don't have to choose between profiles or periods; there's room for a range of favorites
  • matching furniture sets make you quiver
  • purebreds are pretty, but mutts capture your heart
  • you layer textures and patterns whether it be the sofa's on your couch or your outfit for the day
  • your not afraid to pair bright shiny hues with pretty pastels
  • unexpected accents bring the element of surprise into a room
And so I've collected some eclectic eye candy for you...

Wednesday, February 8

Psst...I'm in Jamaica!

Well my fellow DIY'ers, I'm off to Jamaica with my honey for a little down time or as some might call calm before the storm (aka baby moon).

I hope to learn lots about the culture, way of life and of course collect as many memories as I can. We've travelled to many countries but never down in the Carribean. Bob Marley festival here we come! 

Here are some fabulous DIY suitcase ideas I've collected online to share with you...

Sunday, February 5

Dresser Refresh

I recently scored this little modern retro dresser off Kijiji.  The entry way previously housed a 1/2 moon table with little storage.  I decided to convert this cute little number into what I was looking for to better accomodate our needs.

White is not my usual color of choice for a piece of furniture but my entry way is dark grey so in this case white suited the space perfectly.

The DIY: The piece was unpainted. Cover stain was first applied to the laminate finish.  The dresser is solid wood with a finish layer of laminate.  I used a white glossy paint, outdoor finish for high durability and left it to cure for 5 days prior to putting the hardware back on or setting anything on top.  The hardware was also painted white.

It's awesome, we can store all our winter gear inside, the dogs gear and more!

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