Sunday, February 26

DIY Fabric Roller Shade

During my Sunday afternoon cleaning session I decided it was time to make use of the fabric I recently picked up on sale.  I had a vinyl roller shade for the kitchen window that needed TLC.

Supplies needed: Roller shade (measure and tear from sears), fabric, fabric glue, measuring tape and scissors.  The fabric was actually a large rectangle tablecloth on sale for $15.  When you think fabric it can be anything from sheets to an old sweater that no longer fits but your in love with the pattern.

I cut my fabric to size leaving a 1" overlap on each side and pressed it with an iron.  Next I layed the fabric out on the roller shade and folded over the edges only applying fabric glue to the backside underneath the 1" folds.

After it was all done I let it dry a couple hours before rolling it back up.  Here is the after!

With the left over fabric I decided to make a pillow cover.  I love switching out pillows and accessories in my living room and this fabric goes great with my current colors.

I sew zippers to my pillow covers so they can be easily washed and swapped for the new ones.  Waste not want not! Here is my DIY pillow cover.

Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a way for us to make our own roller shade! My roller shade was quite worn already but I didn't like the ones I found in stores so I couldn't replace until now.


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