Sunday, February 5

Dresser Refresh

I recently scored this little modern retro dresser off Kijiji.  The entry way previously housed a 1/2 moon table with little storage.  I decided to convert this cute little number into what I was looking for to better accomodate our needs.

White is not my usual color of choice for a piece of furniture but my entry way is dark grey so in this case white suited the space perfectly.

The DIY: The piece was unpainted. Cover stain was first applied to the laminate finish.  The dresser is solid wood with a finish layer of laminate.  I used a white glossy paint, outdoor finish for high durability and left it to cure for 5 days prior to putting the hardware back on or setting anything on top.  The hardware was also painted white.

It's awesome, we can store all our winter gear inside, the dogs gear and more!


  1. you found an owl! nice. great makeover.

  2. very nice kijji find indeed. great work.


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