Wednesday, February 29

Hiding the TV in style

When it comes to designing a space I can say the one thing that I hear most people say gets in the way is the TV.  They are ugly.  Many might disagree. We tend to find them stuck in peoples living rooms sometimes hung over a fireplace (eek!)  In my house I do have a TV on the wall, it's a flat screen and all the wires are inside the wall with no equipment in site.  (Lucky to have a partner with an interest in electronics who has setup a wireless and radio UHF remote receiver in the basement...blah blah)  We control our TV with our iphones.  Yes we both come from IT backgrounds, go figure.

From making the TV blend in to creating a decorative vignette around it, here are some ideas when it comes to decor and the TV.


Like many Europeans, Iris has chosen a relatively inconspicuous TV. "I don't think televisions are very pretty, but I kind of like this white one. I don't want it to be a central focus in the living room, but from the couch you can see it perfectly," says Iris.

How do you display your TV?

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  1. These are wonderful ways to hide the tv. I hate how they always get in the way. I've been trying to figure out how to make the tv blend into the background. Thanks for the ideas!


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