Sunday, February 19

So your style is?

What's your design style?  Modern, contemporary, traditional, country?  Over the years I've discovered my true taste. It's eclectic.  I love mixing modern and vintage pieces.  I was reading the weekly email that I receive and got super excited about their recent post, 'So Your Style Is: Eclectic'. ( Ideabook on Eclectic ) If you have eclectic style, you can agree that........
  • you don't have to choose between profiles or periods; there's room for a range of favorites
  • matching furniture sets make you quiver
  • purebreds are pretty, but mutts capture your heart
  • you layer textures and patterns whether it be the sofa's on your couch or your outfit for the day
  • your not afraid to pair bright shiny hues with pretty pastels
  • unexpected accents bring the element of surprise into a room
And so I've collected some eclectic eye candy for you...


  1. Great post. I love finding unique pieces and putting them together!

  2. Love love love the 2nd picture of the bathroom and the final one of the kitchen. I have a slight teal obsession. Excellent samples, I agree I love eclectic style!


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