Wednesday, April 4

Eggcellent Eco Easter Eggs

Easter customs vary across the globe however decorating Easter eggs is common amongst many of us.  Sometimes overlooked is the waste involved that comes with the holidays.  Old Easter baskets (along with the paper trim and frills) that get tossed away into landfills are detrimental.  Be kind to our planet by simply making your own Easter basket.  Teaching your kids these values now while they are young is so important, and the best part is you are spending time with them!

That being said you can make your own natural egg dyes using God-given resources.  Plus who knows what mystery chemicals are in those store-bought dyes. For colored egg creations you can use...

-Pink and red eggs, juice from cranberries or beets. 
-Yellow eggs, tumeric or orange peels.
-Purple eggs, red wine.
-Blue eggs, try red cabbage or canned blueberries
-Brown eggs, coffee grounds.
-Orange eggs, onion skins.

To achieve this you boil your eggs, remove from the water and pat dry.  Using the same water add a teaspoon of vinegar (helps absorb color) to boiling water, add your food coloring choice to water along with eggs then boil for fifteen minutes or longer for a deeper color.  Now you'll have your own eggcellent creations!

Another option is wooden eggs that you can decorate but make sure you’re using non-toxic paints.  With wooden eggs you've got handmade keepsakes that will last for years to come, and if desired can even be re-used by re-painting!

Make a Green Easter Basket

Use a flower pot, a bucket or check out your local thrift store for an excellent source of baskets.  Decorate the basket by weaving spring colored ribbon or use string or attach home made decorations with a hot glue gun.  Inside the basket you can fill it with crafting feathers, colorful tissue that you've saved (which can be cut into long strips), shredded junk mail or wild flowers. 

Don't forget eco-candy such as fair trade chocolate and healthy treats like fun fruits and nuts.

Be sure to save your baskets, wooden eggs, and other decorations for next year!


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