Saturday, April 7

Kids Dresser Makeover

Here is a sneak peek for what's to come in the baby's room.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture of this dresser and remembered while priming it.  I found this solid wood antique dresser on kijiji and paid $50 for it...what a deal!

The dresser was dark wood with some wear and scratches on the top.  I gave it a light hand sanding, cleaned it and then applied a latex primer.  Next I painted the dresser with a melamine paint for durability.  The color is ribbon yellow by Dulux.

The original hardware was old and dingy.  I was struggling to find knobs that suited the dresser so I went on ebay and found these handmade wooden owl knobs. 

The design was already engraved into the drawers so I just followed the outline and painted inside the drawer design yellow for a little contrast.

So that's it!  Thanks for reading and watch out for the upcoming baby's room post :)

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