Wednesday, April 25

Project Nursery: Retro Rocking Chair

An easy retro rocker update that took no time at all...

I wasn't sure if I really needed a rocking chair for the nursery, so many different opinions but I do like rocking chairs so I figured for this good of a deal I couldn't pass it up.  The retro rocker was found on Kijiji for $30.  Here she is, before...

I've seen these rockers in design pictures, re-upholstered and sometimes painted.

Don't ever be afraid to re-upholster.  As you take a piece apart you will see how it was done and will be able to put it back together, you can take pictures along the way to help.

I removed the seat and back.  There was a basic piece of plywood with foam cushioning and a brown faux leather material covering it. 

After removing the faux leather material I used a soft terry baby blanket I had to re-upholster the piece.  I wanted something comfortable against my skin for warm summer nights.  Next I stretched the fabric around the seat and back, and used a staple gun to secure fabric into place.

Check it.  This retro rocker is breathing a new life!

And for the little guy, a vintage Big Bird chair, straight from my parents basement.  Once enjoyed by my sister and I.

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