Sunday, April 29

Project Nursery: Sew A Crib Skirt

Sewing a crib skirt is an easy project.  It's a great way to create concealed under crib storage.  Here is the crib before.

My material choice was classic white with black ribbon detailing.  Two yards of fabric was more then enough.

Starting across the front of the crib, first measure your crib length from leg to leg.  Next measure the top of the base (where the mattress will lay) to the floor.  This will give you your finished fabric size.  Add an inch on all four sides for a hem.

Take the same measurement for the side of the crib - length and height.

Depending on where your crib is in the room you may only need 3 sides.  Mine is up against a wall so I only had to make a front and 2 sides.

If you don't have a sewing machine you can easily use fabric adhesive glue or heat and bond tape (applied with an iron).  I've seen it done before however do not know how well it washes. 

After cutting my fabric to size I pressed and pinned the edges for sewing.

After sewing all 3 sides with clean hems I went back and measured the mattress.  Take the mattress size, add an inch on all 4 sides for a hem and press/pin/sew this piece.

Next I sewed the 3 crib skirt sides to the 1 large piece of fabric that will lay over the base of the crib underneath the mattress.  I only attached the crib skirt sides to the base piece of fabric along the tops - I did not attach the front skirt to the side skirt along the height seams.

The final touch was adding black satin ribbon.  I used fabric adhesive hold the ribbon in place and pinned it down while drying.

Here is the finished crib skirt.  I already have storage totes and packs of diapers hiding behind the skirt!

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