Saturday, May 26

The Free Art Project

Happy Friday! Feed your soul with the free art project.  I came across this great website where artists have provided their artwork for personal use only.  So print out your fav images and display them in some awesome frames around your home for an instant update! Bliss.

Saturday, May 19

Make a Manzanita Jewelry Tree

A few weekends ago I found this manzanita tree at homesense.  It's rare to find these locally, only place I've seen them is in floral shops and they charge an arm and a leg for them, yes for just 1 branch I've seen them ask $80-$100...ouch!  This one was only $20.  Some might say she is crazy for paying for a tree branch but it's not just a tree branch, its super durable and actually hard to break off the twigs.  Plus it paints extremely well if need be.  Google Manzanita if you need :)

Seen as wedding or table top center pieces I decided to use mine as a jewelry tree.  My necklaces are always a tangled mess and I don't have space for the big boxy jewelry holders.  (Plus I love a pretty DIY project!)

Here is the manzanita, laying on my basement floor.

For the base I used a stone flower pot that I had lying around. 

I mixed up a couple batches of plaster of paris and filled the pot a 1/2" from the top.

Then all you do is position the tree in the pot and prop it against a wall to let it set.  You might have to tie a string around the tree and another object while the plaster is curing to hold it in the right place.

There you have it, a manzanita jewelry tree!

Wednesday, May 9

Project Nursery: Mantel Shelf

If you follow Urban Squirrel you might remember me picking up this old fireplace mantel last summer.  I had plans to mount it to a wall originally but one of the legs had a bit of wood rot.  After cutting out the rot and ending up with one short leg, the mantel got set aside.  When I decided the nursery needed a shelf I sourced the mantel top from the basement.  Everything has a purpose, right?

Here it was last summer.

Here it is getting cleaned up.

I found these cast iron hooks at yes you guessed it - the dollar store!

A paint job later (using left over paint sourced from the basement), the mantel top found itself a new purpose!

It's perfect. I love that it's all dinged up and totally vintage.

Reduce, reuse and DIY it!

Monday, May 7

Crafty DIY Bulletin Board

A fabulous old frame transformed DIY style into a bulletin board.  The best part, on a shoestring budget.

What I needed: Frame, cork board, glue, foam backing, scissors.

I came across the cork board squares at the dollar store.  There was 2 to a package, for my 24" x 28" antique frame I needed 3 packs.  I already had the glue, scissors and frame.

I purchased the foam backing at DeSerres and cut it to size.

After gluing the cork board to the foam backing I popped it inside the picture frame and voila, a DIY bulletin board project on a shoestring budget.

Project Costs:

-3 packs of cork board ($1.50 each) = $5.18
-Foam backing = $5

Wednesday, May 2

Art freebies from 'the handmade home'

I wanted to share this website I found that is full of FREE downloads to print.  You know how sometimes you want to create a frame wall collage but don't always have prints?  Here is a potential solution.  From nursery prints, to vintage photos and even learning cards for kids.

There are tons of great ideas on how to display the prints. 

For those with kiddies at home, you can download manners and chores charts.

Visit the site for all kinds of ideas,
Enjoy :)

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