Monday, May 7

Crafty DIY Bulletin Board

A fabulous old frame transformed DIY style into a bulletin board.  The best part, on a shoestring budget.

What I needed: Frame, cork board, glue, foam backing, scissors.

I came across the cork board squares at the dollar store.  There was 2 to a package, for my 24" x 28" antique frame I needed 3 packs.  I already had the glue, scissors and frame.

I purchased the foam backing at DeSerres and cut it to size.

After gluing the cork board to the foam backing I popped it inside the picture frame and voila, a DIY bulletin board project on a shoestring budget.

Project Costs:

-3 packs of cork board ($1.50 each) = $5.18
-Foam backing = $5

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