Saturday, May 19

Make a Manzanita Jewelry Tree

A few weekends ago I found this manzanita tree at homesense.  It's rare to find these locally, only place I've seen them is in floral shops and they charge an arm and a leg for them, yes for just 1 branch I've seen them ask $80-$100...ouch!  This one was only $20.  Some might say she is crazy for paying for a tree branch but it's not just a tree branch, its super durable and actually hard to break off the twigs.  Plus it paints extremely well if need be.  Google Manzanita if you need :)

Seen as wedding or table top center pieces I decided to use mine as a jewelry tree.  My necklaces are always a tangled mess and I don't have space for the big boxy jewelry holders.  (Plus I love a pretty DIY project!)

Here is the manzanita, laying on my basement floor.

For the base I used a stone flower pot that I had lying around. 

I mixed up a couple batches of plaster of paris and filled the pot a 1/2" from the top.

Then all you do is position the tree in the pot and prop it against a wall to let it set.  You might have to tie a string around the tree and another object while the plaster is curing to hold it in the right place.

There you have it, a manzanita jewelry tree!


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  3. OMG this is lovely! I've been struggling with the jewelry problem for ages- my recent solution- hanging up a REALLY long, multi-strand chain necklace between two hooks and then hooking all my earrings on the links is working well, so far, but this is far more lovely! I will totally do it- I could even make several small ones using random branches???


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