Wednesday, May 9

Project Nursery: Mantel Shelf

If you follow Urban Squirrel you might remember me picking up this old fireplace mantel last summer.  I had plans to mount it to a wall originally but one of the legs had a bit of wood rot.  After cutting out the rot and ending up with one short leg, the mantel got set aside.  When I decided the nursery needed a shelf I sourced the mantel top from the basement.  Everything has a purpose, right?

Here it was last summer.

Here it is getting cleaned up.

I found these cast iron hooks at yes you guessed it - the dollar store!

A paint job later (using left over paint sourced from the basement), the mantel top found itself a new purpose!

It's perfect. I love that it's all dinged up and totally vintage.

Reduce, reuse and DIY it!

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