Tuesday, October 23

The Station Chair By Trunk Studio

Inspired by the Canadian wilderness. Made of solid walnut and birch, may I introduce you to The Station Chair. 

Designer and local Haligonian Jess Tasker is bringing her designs to the world via her furniture firm Trunk Studio. 

Trunk Studio blends the clean lines of the Danish Modern furniture tradition with a new Canadian aesthetic. Designer Jess Tasker works with Nova Scotian woodshops to ensure her designs transition seamlessly from paper to their functional form.

Upholstered in MacAusland’s 100% Virgin Wool from Prince Edward Island, and also available in the Kvadrat Hallingdal range of fabrics. These wool based fabrics evoke the familiar Canadian feel of a warm blanket on a cold night. The chair is available in Walnut, Birch and a mixture of Birch & Walnut.

What I love about The Station Chair is the craftsmanship and the fact you can personalize this chair by selecting your wood and fabric!  Check out Trunk Studio online!

Sunday, October 14

DIY: Rope clothes hanger

Ever live in a really old home with little to no closet space?  I do and so welcome to my 160 year old home!  Only two of the three bedrooms have closets.  Running out of room in my sons two drawer dresser, I decided to create a clothes hanging rope in his bedroom.

I've been planning this DIY project for some time.  There is something very satisfying about making the most of what we have, so this project cost me zero dollars!  I went from wall to wall with the rope, attached it on each end to hooks screwed into anchors.  Depending on the size of the room you can also hang rope from the ceiling attached to a rod.  This room is very small in our case.

Here are some more great DIY ideas I've found over time!


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