Thursday, December 27

A very merry 2012

With the new year fast approaching I'm looking forward to the changes life always brings.  2012 was amazing all of course because my son Asher was born.  I not only learned more then I'd ever imagine but I also got the exciting news of my victory at the court of appeal a week before my due date :)  In the design world I took on a lot of projects, and really came into my style.  I'm now prepping and planning a new build, designing the house from scratch, kitchens, bathrooms, every inch.  Here are a few shots of my 2012 holiday décor.  I'm less traditional when it comes to decorating, I like to incorporate a little this and a little that into my already existing décor.  It's all about using what you have in the DIY world...and recycling in my world!

Our little tree, about 4 feet to be exact...

Notice my tree topper?  It's a starfish from Mahone Bay.  Our tree was a mix of left over holiday decor from previous years and knick knacks from around the house.

Simple table centerpieces consisting of acorns and using holiday decor in unconventional ways is what it's all about...and a really cute babe in the background watching his mama take snapshots!

A fun not so traditional fireplace mantel.  The images in the frames were found online and printed.  I love changing out my artwork so being able to print it works best for me.

One of my fav finds this year at the Sally Anne were these tinted glass vases, a big hit in the design world this year for only $2 each!

~ Best wishes for 2013 ~

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"Snow capped roof at the Three Islands Camp"

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