Friday, June 21

Gardens and potted herbs

This summer we've got all kinds of goodies planted. Fresh herbs, salad greens, squashes, toms, peppers and lots more ❤🌱

Friday, May 3

8 Forgiving House Plants

We all have our ups and downs with house plants, here is a great article on Houzz....a few forgiving house plants that don't get any easier to maintain!

Monday, April 22

DIY: Antique Phone Table v2

A few months ago I did a DIY on a phone table...

My sister had sourced two phone tables on kijiji.  And here is her Peruvian inspired end result!

The Before...

Thursday, February 28

Full Spectrum

Easiest way to toss a little life into your room... #styleathome #design

Monday, February 11

DIY: Antique Phone Table

Traditionally an old phone table served one purpose in a home but apply a little DIY and this piece has been converted into a small bench that serves many purposes!

The before...

The after...

After removing the top piece of the table, I spray painted the bench white and sanded down the edges for a worn look.  I purchased a piece of foam from Walmart ($10) and used material I already had to upholster the seat.  Here you have it, a fun multi purpose piece! 


Thursday, January 17

Today in the home, a little DIY...

Wednesday, January 16

A classic chair

Herman Miller "Eames" chair...mid century modern style, my favs right now!


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