Friday, December 19

Holiday DIY's

Holiday Greetings from our home to yours! I am posting a few holiday DIY's I've done over the past few weeks.

I made this wreath with a styrofoam wreath and balls.  To attach the balls I used a hot glue gun. Next I  sprayed it with 'Make It Stone' paint for a textured finished.

When it comes to wrapping I reuse whatever I have.  Old newspapers, with an earthy burlap bow and printed Dr Seuss gift tags made for easy budget friendly wrapping.

I also took some of my toddler's colored pages and wrapped a few gifts with it for the grandparents :)

For Holiday baking what better than healthy roasted nuts.  Pecans and almonds seem to be a favorite around our home.

And of course one of my moms recipes that's always a hit, potato chip cookies, although not on the healthy list.

During the fall I gathered pine cones around the yard.  Once dried and open, I sprayed a little fake snow on them, and attached a piece of burlap to hang them from the tree.

DIY snowy balls...using any size styrofoam ball, cover it with white glue and roll around in fake snow.  Let dry 24 hours and voila!

I have all sorts of old glass jars I've collected at thrift shops and antique auctions, I like to fill them with left over ornaments, tangerines, etc and throw in handfuls of candy canes.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Tuesday, December 2

diy jewelry box

Here is a little jewel I found at Value Village for $6. It's a solid brass jewelry box with a glass top.


It's no doubt old, not sure what age but I thought of my friend Candice when I seen it.   She adores jewelry boxes especially the ones we find at estate auctions.  I grabbed it and came up with an idea to personalize it for her....decoupage a map of one of her favorite places she has traveled too.

I found a printable map of the island of St. Kitts and Nevis online at wikimedia (totally worth checking out!), sized it up to fit inside the box, printed it on glossy paper, and glued it down with Mod Podge.

After 24 hours I applied a top coat of Mod Podge and a second coat 24 hours later.  A total of 2 top coats to protect the image from any wear and tear it will get over the years. Here it is, simple as that!

Happy DIY'ing!
Kelty x

Friday, November 14


While designing our house I didn't think about all the exterior finishing details up front.  As if I wasn't overwhelmed enough already...when the question came from our builder about trim I knew exactly what I wanted.  I had seen it on this house on HOUZZ...

The corner above is an aluminum trim made by Fry Reglet.  Being on the East Coast of Canada it's not as easily obtainable, and shipping was going to be just as must as the forty feet of trim.  Lucky for us our builder is experienced and open to any ideas I have.  When I showed him this trim he had the perfect solution - they would custom make it, score!

As you can see it turned out perfecttttttttttt........

On a modern home, every detail seems to matter....bye for now!

Kelty x

Thursday, November 13

River Build Exterior

Holy it's been way too long since I've written a post about the house.  Between being super involved in our house build and working I lost touch!

I am going to write a series of posts over the next few weeks to cover a lot of the design choices for our build.  We are actually still ongoing, counter top is being decided upon, range hood was just ordered, and side step still needs to be built....

The exterior products used:

-Cedar ship lap siding 4"
-Cedar tongue and groove soffit 4"
-Azek paneling custom cut from 4'x8' sheets
-Marvin windows and patio doors, aluminum exterior cladding, clear pine interior
-Fasica board is wood covered aluminum

I had wanted a 'J Channel' made by Frye Reglet however logistics and timing was tight to order them so our builder offered to custom make our corners which turned out identical to the Frye Reglet, lucky us :)

We stained our cedar siding with an eco-friendly semi-transparent stain made by Sansin.  It's a 7-8 year stain compared to a traditional 4 year product.

My end goal was a modern look, and not wanting to use the hardy panels the azek was a good fit.  It remains unpainted but can be painted at anytime in the future if we choose too.

We've started a bit of landscaping by laying patio stones and crushed gravel to keep the dirt and mud at bay.  The plan for next spring is to possibly pave and build a number of planters in the front to really define the green space in front of the home.

Till next time,

Kelty x

Friday, November 7

DIY with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

After countless years of furniture up-cycling I've been dying to try the famous Annie Sloan paint!  It's finally available for purchase in the maritimes, I found it at Rusty Hinges in Halifax.

I had to furnish a rental in Halifax with a couple dressers so onto Kijiji I went and found these two eye catchers:

My sister and I bought the chalk paint and together we went at the dressers with just two days to complete our project.  We used the colors Paris Grey (on the tall boy) and Robin Egg Blue (on the french provincial)  along with the clear and dark waxes.

Paris Grey
Duck Egg Blue

We painted directly onto the dressers, no sanding or removing of the current finish.  The french provincial dresser was painted Rob Egg Blue, followed by a coat of clear wax. 

Next we used the dark wax for antiquing the crevices.  The handles were painted Paris Grey for a subtle contrast and finished with clear wax.

Lastly we coated it once again with clear wax and buffed it with a rag.  The end result was beautiful, I was so sad to leave this beauty behind!

Here is the end result for the cute tall boy, perfect for the kids room.

The Annie Sloan paint lived up to its expectations and I can say that it will be my go to product for all future furniture DIY'ing! 

What I loved most about the chalk paint...

-no odor
-adheres to any surface which saves mega time not having to prep the old school way
-the is not messy and is an easy to use finishing product

Enjoy your projects,

Kelty x

Wednesday, April 23


It's been a few months since I blogged on our build progress.  Here is where we stand as of today:

-Siding 1/2 complete
-In floor heat being installed this week? I hope!

Challenges so far:

-Exterior product for accent, originally wanted hardie panel but had to find another solution for this climate, so we decided on azek.  I've used this in Halifax so I'm familiar with product.

-Corner trim, wanted Fry Reglet but order time was too long plus cost was just as much as shipping (how does that make sense!) so our contractor custom created the same trim! (He & carpenters are fantastic)

-Cedar siding all finished at same mill is off by 1/2" in some pieces = time consuming for installers, having to chalk line each row

-I needed to state how the soffit should run during installation, don't make any assumptions!

-Front door was painted BRIGHT yellow, color match mix up! Lesson learned, always buy your paint at the manufacturer...

I am busy picking door handles, paint colors, flooring, and so much more...

Treating cedar soffit with Sansin product
Custom corners! Aluminum, similar to Fry Reglet
1x4" tongue and groove cedar soffit

Cedar 1x5 shiplap channel siding

Saturday, January 18

90's gold glass top

For $6 at the Sally Anne and left over semi-gloss white trim paint, a 90's gold glass top transformation!    

In the past I've always seen these tables as tacky and cheap. I LOVE gold but never in this applique. Now that being said you can get beautiful gold pieces now in the design world, it's really made a come back.

This past fall I was tasked with furnishing a downtown Halifax home in less then a week, to get it rental ready, on a budget. When working on a budget I always splurge on the finer things like seating, fabric and linens. When it comes down to side tables or chairs I choose the best deals that ultimately require an over haul.

Here are the before pics:

Easily done, a good cleaning and three coats of white semi-gloss paint and there you have it, a cute and practical night side table.

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