Saturday, January 18

90's gold glass top

For $6 at the Sally Anne and left over semi-gloss white trim paint, a 90's gold glass top transformation!    

In the past I've always seen these tables as tacky and cheap. I LOVE gold but never in this applique. Now that being said you can get beautiful gold pieces now in the design world, it's really made a come back.

This past fall I was tasked with furnishing a downtown Halifax home in less then a week, to get it rental ready, on a budget. When working on a budget I always splurge on the finer things like seating, fabric and linens. When it comes down to side tables or chairs I choose the best deals that ultimately require an over haul.

Here are the before pics:

Easily done, a good cleaning and three coats of white semi-gloss paint and there you have it, a cute and practical night side table.


  1. So glad you are back I enjoye your blog very much. I am also from Halifax. When u say SallyAnn do you mean the one across from the Sobey's off Queen St

    1. Thanks Georgina :) Yes thats the one!


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