Wednesday, April 23


It's been a few months since I blogged on our build progress.  Here is where we stand as of today:

-Siding 1/2 complete
-In floor heat being installed this week? I hope!

Challenges so far:

-Exterior product for accent, originally wanted hardie panel but had to find another solution for this climate, so we decided on azek.  I've used this in Halifax so I'm familiar with product.

-Corner trim, wanted Fry Reglet but order time was too long plus cost was just as much as shipping (how does that make sense!) so our contractor custom created the same trim! (He & carpenters are fantastic)

-Cedar siding all finished at same mill is off by 1/2" in some pieces = time consuming for installers, having to chalk line each row

-I needed to state how the soffit should run during installation, don't make any assumptions!

-Front door was painted BRIGHT yellow, color match mix up! Lesson learned, always buy your paint at the manufacturer...

I am busy picking door handles, paint colors, flooring, and so much more...

Treating cedar soffit with Sansin product
Custom corners! Aluminum, similar to Fry Reglet
1x4" tongue and groove cedar soffit

Cedar 1x5 shiplap channel siding

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