Friday, December 19

Holiday DIY's

Holiday Greetings from our home to yours! I am posting a few holiday DIY's I've done over the past few weeks.

I made this wreath with a styrofoam wreath and balls.  To attach the balls I used a hot glue gun. Next I  sprayed it with 'Make It Stone' paint for a textured finished.

When it comes to wrapping I reuse whatever I have.  Old newspapers, with an earthy burlap bow and printed Dr Seuss gift tags made for easy budget friendly wrapping.

I also took some of my toddler's colored pages and wrapped a few gifts with it for the grandparents :)

For Holiday baking what better than healthy roasted nuts.  Pecans and almonds seem to be a favorite around our home.

And of course one of my moms recipes that's always a hit, potato chip cookies, although not on the healthy list.

During the fall I gathered pine cones around the yard.  Once dried and open, I sprayed a little fake snow on them, and attached a piece of burlap to hang them from the tree.

DIY snowy balls...using any size styrofoam ball, cover it with white glue and roll around in fake snow.  Let dry 24 hours and voila!

I have all sorts of old glass jars I've collected at thrift shops and antique auctions, I like to fill them with left over ornaments, tangerines, etc and throw in handfuls of candy canes.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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