Tuesday, March 3

Cedar bench DIY

Here is a DIY project I completed back in December.  Simple mid-century modern hairpin leg benches for the entryway!

The cedar was locally sourced, I purchased a few logs then had a friend cut it with an Alaskan chainsaw into two slabs approximately 56" long at 4" thick.

Since the wood was already so dry from sitting for a couple years the bark was starting to peel.  We removed the remainder and left the live edges untouched. The cedar then stayed inside and as you can see above, one piece split down the middle.  Even though wood may appear to be dry once it's brought inside it always changes.  If anything consider these changes adding character to your pieces!

For each bench I used four custom-fabricated brushed-stainless 14-Inch Hairpin Legs ($19 per leg) from hairpinlegs.ca.

As you can see below we easily mounted the four legs onto the bottom of the bench, setting them in slightly about 2" from the sides and ends so that the hairpin legs do not go outside the parameter of the bench.

Lucky for me I have lots of helpers...

Now everyone has a place to sit and remove their boots. 

Happy DIY'ing.

Kelty xo

P.S - The coat hooks are also a DIY project, soon to be blogged about...

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